Welcome To Lead Rebar Solutions

LEAD REBAR SOLUTIONS is an unique rebar service provider specializing in Rebar Estimation and Rebar Detailing. We have an immense experience in Estimation and Detailing with skilled Estimators and Detailers to cater to the requirement of Rebar services for customers in Canada & USA. Our services always focus to the quality & consistency in our deliverables. Also it ensures that the project runs on the minimum costs, reduced storage space at site location, and stay with your time schedule.

Our Mission

Aim to build a Great Experience, Customer tell each other about that. Word of mouth is Very powerful.

Our Vision

A Satisfied Customer is the best strategy of All.

Our Goal

Enjoy the Satisfaction that comes from doing Little things well

Commercial and Industrial buildings

We have detailing expertise in most elements like Foundation, Columns, Walls, Slabs, Beams, Elevator pit, Staircases, WWF (Welded Wire Fabric).

Highways and Bridges

We detail different types of bridges and their elements like Bridge Substructure (Piles, Foundation, Bent Columns, Abutment, Wingwalls etc.,) Bridge Superstructure (Diaphragms, Bent caps, Girders, Deck Slab, Approach Slabs etc.,) Highway structures (Retaining walls, Sound walls, Barriers etc.,)

Water Treatment Plants

Drainage structures Pipe & Box Culvert, Culvert Wingwalls, Inlet etc.,