Out Sourcing

Usually our customers send us drawing packages per mail as attachment or specific link for downloading the same. We will download them and process them. We will send the deliverables per mail to customer before the date of closing of the project. We will process Pre tender and Post tender addendums to the estimates. Also we will process updated drawings based on cost analysis and Value engineering Instructions. Also we would provide drawing comparison estimates based on Site Instructions, RFI Clarifications, Cost Change Orders, etc…


Services U.S. Dollar Rate
Rebar Estimation $10 / Hour.
Rebar Detailing $15 / Hour.
Our management and professionals have an immense experience in providing high quality and accurate Estimation / Detailing Services. We will only bill the projects which we completed. Our payment options include all type of wire Transfers. The price details for our rebar services are as follows.

Our Highlights

  • We shall always provide quality deliverables based on scope of work, drawing and specifications.
  • If drawings/specifications are not upto the complete mark, our experienced professionals will make necessary assumptions to fulfill the estimate.
  • We offer Concrete Takeoff also to our customers.
  • As per the customer requirement, we incorporate Real time RFI clarifications.
  • We would provide deliverables in right time to match to the customer working hours.
  • Our deliverables will meet the accuracy to reduce wastages in rebar.
  • Since we have a team of senior professionals, we can handle urgent projects at right time.
  • If the rebar drawings are not ready in inputs, we can provide a best possible output such as Concrete takeoff or Rebar Conversion like Lb/SFT, Kg/M3, etc…
  • Apart from Buildings, we offer Masonry wall Rebar, Landscaping elements, On Site, Offsite elements, etc…
  • We too offer Studrails and PT Estimates.