About our Company

Lead Rebar solutions was established in 2014 with skilled professionals who possesses about 7 years experience in Rebar estimation and Detailing. We provide Estimation and Detailing Outputs based on Drawings and Specifications to satisfy the customer needs to the project. We shall always provide high quality products to our customers. LEAD REBAR SOLUTIONS is an unique rebar service provider specializing in Rebar Estimation and Rebar Detailing. We have an immense experience in Estimation and Detailing with skilled Estimators and Detailers to cater to the requirement of Rebar services for customers in Canada & USA. Our services always focus to the quality & consistency in our deliverables. Also it ensures that the project runs on the minimum costs, reduced storage space at site location, and stay with your time schedule. The origin of the Lead Rebar Solutions is invented by Mr.Sathiyamoorthy and his partners who are professionally leaders in Estimation and Detailing Services. They were experienced in different kinds of projects such as Tower buildings, Composite Structures, Bridges, Power plant projects, Landscape Projects and Renovation projects. The total strength of our team is about 25 employees in our organization. Our flow chart will give a clear idea about our organization structure.

Our Team